Synthetic roofing

Synthetic roofing

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Clean roof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Totally recyclable
  • Simple to repair
  • 45 year proven life span
  • Insured project warranties

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Vaeplan is a synthetic roofing that is considered as the best alternative for PVC and EPDM. Its specific bond with copolymers make it utmost fit as waterproofing because it’s durable, flexible and easy to maintain. However its trump card is its simple and quick installation. Moreover, a Vaeplan roofing looks very stylish.

Furthermore it is fit for the capture and recycling of rainwater. It has even a certificate of potable water from the German Nehring Institute (German equivalent of the WTCB). And the Vaeplan roofing membranes can also be used for green roofs since they are anti-root.

In addition to that, these roofing membranes are very resistant to chemical agents and ultraviolet radiation.

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