Reflective roofs

Reflective roofs

  • Less warming up = less ageing
  • Recycling of rainwater
  • Proven life span of 45 years
  • 100% recyclable
  • Extra yield for PV installation

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Save up to 2€ per m² per year on your energy bill and increase the comfort of the occupants or workers considerably. A roof with a passive cooling allows to keep the room temperature lower. A cooler room will need less air conditioning to guarantee the comfort of the occupants, this results in a lower energy consumption and less CO2.

A cooler roof does not only mean a lower room temperature in the building but also less heat on the roof. As the air conditioners on the roof suck in less hot air, they will have to work less hard to cool it down. Thus their efficiency increases and their energy consumption decreases, resulting in less costs for cooling.

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With the Derbicolor Olivine, calculate how many CO2 emissions you are saving the planet