Parking roofs

Parking roofs

  • Outstanding resistance to heavy traffic and grit
  • Suited for irregular decks
  • Life span > 40 years
  • Efficient application with special equipment
  • Low and competitive processing costs

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Derbigum GC is the most robust and heavier version of the traditional Derbigum roofing membrane. It has been specially developed for applications in civil engineering and on structural works such as parking lots and parking roofs. Applying Derbigum GC allows you to avoid important costs due to damage by water infiltration. Thanks to its excellent adherence to road construction materials such as e.g. road asphalt, the processing costs are low and competitive

For the execution of larger surfaces (over 2000 m²), Derbigum disposes of automated systems, allowing a faster application and guaranteeing an optimal quality of the weld.

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