Classic flat roofs

Classic flat roofs

  • Minimum maintenance
  • High resistance to mechanical charges and UV-rays
  • Proven life span of 45 years
  • 100% recyclable

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The DERBIT product range are Dual reinforced membranes (Fiberglass mat + Spun bond Non-woven Polyester) giving it a life expectancy of more than 30 years. The reinforced fiberglass mat on the surface gives the membrane a perfect dimensional stability. The membranes also have a UV protection in the blend due to high grade APP polymers and therefore don’t need to be protected by slates on the top.  Additional protection coating is recommended to gain additional serviceable life of the system over many years but is not an absolute necessity.

The DERBIT product range is fire retardant and tested along the European standard ENV 1187-2 (Broof t2) making it a suitable first choice for high rise buildings, hospitals and shopping malls.

Membrane designed for your needs

  • Multifunctional membrane: One membrane for all uses; flat surfaces, up-stands, flashings, drains, parapet walls, reinforcement angles, etc..
  • Fit for all kinds of building structures: concrete, wood, steel deck, reroofing, below ground waterproofing
  • Can be used with and without insulation
  • Perfect for unprotected roofs (no need for gravel ballast or extra protection)

Innovative & environmentally friendly solutions

  • All membranes are 100% recyclable à World premier
  • Solvent free bituminous cold adhesive
  • Imperbel recycles 4000 tons of roofing material/year
  • Membranes based partly on recycled roofs to reduce environmental footprint

Simple to Install

  • Simple installation: membranes can be torched on, cold adhered, loosely laid or mechanically fixed
  • Easy maintenance & repairs
  • Flameless application is possible
  • On the job training by experts when needed
  • Inspections on the job are available

Complete warranty

  • Gold 10 year full product warranty
  • Strong technical support available for any project
  • More than 30 years’ experience with the membrane in all climates.
  • Exceptional R&D facilities available

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Calculate your environmental benefit with the depolluting solution

With the Derbicolor Olivine, calculate how many CO2 emissions you are saving the planet