Bridges and roads

Bridges and roads

  • Outstanding resistance to heavy traffic and grit
  • Life span > 45 years
  • Efficient application with special equipment
  • Suited for irregular decks
  • Low and competitive processing costs

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Derbigum GC was specifically designed to offer an increased resistance to the heavy loads in civil engineering works, therefore it is ideal for parking roofs, bridge decks etc. It has a higher melting point (> 140°C), a heavier reinforcement (260 g/m² polyester mat and a fibreglass of 55 g/m²) situated in the upper half of the membrane and that can resist the extreme heat and the weight of the rolling of the asphalt.

Under the reinforcement is a thick layer of special bitumen that gives an optimal and equal adherence. The adherence coefficient to the deck is at least the same as the one of the used road asphalt. Thanks to this excellent adherence the application costs are low and competitive.

For all civil engineering works, new or renovation, Derbigum GC is a reliable solution and a durable investment in the long term.

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